Composite Panels/Exterior & Interior Cladding

Owing to a mineral filled core, premium etalbond®A2 aluminium composite panels, are A2-rated for incombustibility, s1 for lowest possible smoke emission and d0 for no droplets when the panels are exposed to fire according to the most stringent European Norm EN13501-1

Composite Panels and Aluminium Cladding & Roofing

ELVAL Colour

With extensive industry experience, skilled personnel and modern plant installations, ELVAL COLOUR is a leading Greek aluminium coil coater with top quality products.

Exporting premium aluminium materials worldwide, ELVAL COLOUR’s products are certified to the strictest international standards. Moreover, their high level of customer service, with prompt deliveries and on-going technical support, reflects ELVAL COLOUR’s commitment to build lasting relationships with customers.

As an attractive and versatile cladding solution, etalbond® is ideal for interior and exterior surfaces on new constructions and renovations. The innovative material has good insulating properties, is rigid, light weight and durable and can easily be worked into a variety of shapes.

etalbond® for rear-ventilated facades combines the features of energy-efficient construction, economic viability and architectural quality. Long lifespan, easy maintenance and a balanced combination of insulation, ventilation and moisture control are equally important to appearance and constitute a perfect building envelope.

etalbond® is available in three different cores. etalbond® PE with low-density polyethylene, etalbond® FR with a fire-retardant core and etalbond® A2 with an incombustible core, suitable for the most demanding applications, which complies with all fire safety requirements for external cladding.

Revolutionising design attitudes with its effectiveness in a range of constructions, etalbond® is often used for:

• Building Renovations
• Architectural Cladding – Ventilated Facades
• Internal Partitions
• False Ceilings
• Bus Terminals
• Petrol Stations
• Column Casings
• Curved Fascia
• Building Entrances
• Toll Stations
• Mobile Homes/Offices
• Equipment Enclosures
• Internal Wall Coverings
• Internal Decoration
• Signage
• Exhibition Stands

etalbond® panels can be perfectly matched and integrated with any of our roofing or solid aluminium cladding panels (ENF®), all pre-painted and matched for a seamless, one-source architectural result. For further information please follow the links below.