Galvanised Steel Wire

Manufactured by ERLIKON, Metal agencies offer two Galvanised wire options; Galvanised Soft Wire and Heavily Galvanised Wire.

Galvanised Soft Wire (SYRGAL)

Galvanised soft wire manufactured by ERLIKON SA is produced at the Kilkis plant, using wire rod SAE1008 grade, Φ5.5 as raw material, drawn and galvanised using a minimum zinc coating of 60-70 gr/m2 (depending on diameter) according to standard DIN 1548.

Smaller diameters (Φ1.50- Φ3.40) are mainly intended for chain-link fencing mesh with diamond-shaped or hexagon loops, or for barbed wire, bird and pet cages as well as for supporting vines and other farming applications.

Larger diameters (Φ3.40-Φ3.90) are used to construct heavy chain-link fencing or as edge band supporting woven fencing mesh. Φ3.40 in particular, is used by fishermen to support underwater permanent fishing nets as well as buoys.

Heavily Galvanised Wire (EXTRAGAL)

Heavily Galvanised Wire is manufactured from electrode – grade wire rod DIN 17145 / USD 7 of diameter Φ5.5, drawn and heavily galvanized.

The minimum zinc coating is equal to 200-290gr/m2 (depending on diameter) according to standard BS 443, a quantity significantly higher than common wire (up to 4 times higher).

HEAVILY galvanised wire is used by the cable industry for the reinforcement of power cables «SWA», as well as the construction of special mesh, commonly known as «gabions» with hexagon loops, used to contain rocks on roadside slopes, as well as for flood protection works. The diameters used for these types of mesh are commonly Φ3.00 – Φ4.00; raw material used in this case is SAE 1010 wire rod.

Semi – Hard Galvanised Wire (SYRGAL Hard)

Semi – hard wire is made from wire rod Φ5.5 SAE 1008 for Φ1.8-2.20 wire; and Φ5.5 SAE 1010 for Φ2.50-3.50 wire, subsequently drawn and galvanised, using a minimum zinc coating of 70 gr/m2.
This wire is used by ERLIKON to produce welded galvanised fencing mesh with square or rectangular mesh loops and / or uses requiring appropriate wire hardness i.e. greenhouses, clothes hangers and bucket handles.