Since 1972 Cablel Hellenic Cables Group has manufactured submarine power cables with insulation from cross linked polyethylene (XLPE), elastomer (EPR) or paper, as well as submarine fibre-optic cables.

The Group has expanded the facilities of its subsidiary Fulgor, transforming it into one of the most cutting-edge technologically advanced facilities for the manufacture of high and extra-high voltage submarine cables, of static and dynamic type, with alternate or direct current and with cross linked polyethylene (XLPE) insulation, as well as flexible submarine polyethylene pipes. The Group’s objective is to participate in national and international turnkey projects for underwater – submarine interconnections with submarine cables, submarine pipes, as well as coastal projects.

Our technical expertise in combination with constant investments in advanced equipment ensures levels of efficiency and quality, which meet the strictest specifications.
The cables are produced in long continuous lengths. For each cable type the company has developed repair and land-submarine cable transition joints and provides trained personnel for their assembly.

For long lengths, the cables are loaded directly on board the cable laying vessel through a dedicated loading line. For shorter lengths the cables are loaded on drums or special turntables or baskets and they are shipped directly to the site of works.

Our products are available according to various national and/or international standards, as well as according to the demands-specifications set by the client.


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