Aluminium Converter Foil

SYMETAL produces excellent quality Converter Foil coils that ensure continuous material flow during processing.
Each reel is measured and tested in order to ensure its quality during the rolling procedure.

SYMETAL Converter Foil is thermally degreased and suitable for diverse packaging applications that include:

Paper Lamination · Wax Lamination/Printing · Polyethylene Film Lamination · Heat-Sealable Lacquering

Provided in soft temper for both 8xxx and 1xxx aluminium alloy series reels, the material is ideal for:

● Cigarette Packaging
● Multi-Laminate Packaging
● Blister Foil
● Yoghurt Lids
● General Insulation Foil

Quality Certification
All of our aluminium products are quality certified according to EN and AA / ASTM standards or to agreed customer specifications

All coils are packed in wooden boxes or pallets, well secured for safe transit.

Surface Finishes
SYMETAL Converter Foil is produced with one side bright and the other side matt.