Our cables are manufactured by HELLENIC CABLES S.A., one of the largest cable producers in Europe. We provide our customers with cables and enameled copper wires, as well as rubber and plastic insulating compounds. The following are basic types of products manufactured by the HELLENIC CABLES S.A. group:

· Internal installation cables
· Control cables
· Cables for industrial use and external installations
· Marine and offshore cables with increased fire resistance
· Power cables with operating voltages up to 400kV
· Low smoke and fume cables with reduced fire propagation
· Copper, aluminium, ACSR conductors
· Enameled wires
· Telecommunication cables
· Optic fibre cables
· Special cables
· Plastic and rubber insulating compounds

Building Wires, Control Cables, Bare Conductors, Marine & Offshore Cables and Power Cables

We provide an extensive range of cables and enameled copper wire products, manufactured by HELLENIC CABLES S.A.- one of the ...