Plumbing Installations & Water Supply Tubes

Predominantly used within the plumbing industry, TALOS’ copper tubes manufactured by HALCOR for use in water supplies, heating and natural gas transmission.

Their use guarantees:
● Durability without aging and corrosion
● Simple and robust  installation
● Operation at maximum working pressure
● Healthy water, free from bacteria

HALCOR’S copper tubes are manufactured according to BS EN 1057, or DIN 1786/17671 from phosphorous deoxidised  Cu 99,90%, P=0,015 – 0,040% (BS 1172).

Quality Certification

All of the copper tubes are produced according to very strict international specifications and carry the quality marks such as RAL /DVGW(Germany), AFNOR (France) and BSI (UK) , NSAI,KIWA/GASTEC , STF VTT,GOST , VIK.