Foil for Finstock, Flexible Tubes and Industrial Applications

As specialist in aluminium foil products, SYMETAL uses modern production facilities to offer premium quality products. These high quality products have a vast range of applications including:

● Aluminium Finstock for Heat Exchangers
● Aluminum Insulation for Insulation Applications
● Aluminum for Flexible Tubes and Airducts

Aluminium Foil for Finstock
SYMETAL offers the finest Plain and Pre-Coated Foil Strips for Finstock. Its state-of-the-art lacquering facilities produce lacquered, corrosion resistant aluminium with hydrophobic or hydrophilic properties. These industry leading foil strips are globally exported and provide premium material for:

● Air Conditioners
● Coolers
● Condensers
● Evaporators
● Other heat Exchange Applications

SYMETAL offers alternative solutions for its customers, providing both 8xxx and 1xxx alloy series strips, satisfying diverse end-user needs.

Quality Certification
All of our aluminium products are quality certified according to EN and AA/ASTM standards or as agreed by
the client.