The brass products of the HALCOR GROUP are manufactured by its two key subsidiary companies:

Sofia Med S.A.

Brass Sheets
Brass sheets with their bright surface are suitable for internal decoration applications.

Brass Strips
Brass strips have excellent natural qualities and are widely used in auto manufacturing, electrolytic applications, art and decoration.

Rolled Brass Products

Our copper and brass rolled products are used in a wide range of industries and supplied according to established international ...


Brass Rods
Solid and hollow brass rods fulfil numerous industrial and technical applications, such as fittings for plumbing installations, decoration, mechanical and electrical engineering.

Brass Tubes
Brass tubes are widely used for decorative, architecture, and the lighting industry.

Extruded and Drawn

Our product range of extruded and drawn brass rods are manufactured to meet industry standards and are used in numerous ...

Brass Tubes

View our product range of brass tubes, with universal appeal, our brass tubes are frequently used in architectural applications, interior ...

Brass Sections

Manufactured using advanced technology, our brass sections are commonly used in structural and architectural applications, such as hinges, door handles ...

Brass Rods

Used predominantly for the manufacture of components. FITCO offers a wide range of sizes in both solid and hollow form ...