HALCOR S.A.  manufactures premium quality copper products which are  ideal for air conditioning and refrigeration,  inner grooved, plumbing installations and water supply.

Copper Tubes
HALCOR’s high-quality copper tubes are used in many industrial applications including water supply networks, heating, natural gas, medical gases, heating and air-conditioning installations, fire extinguishing systems, air-conditioning production and more.

Plumbing Installations & Water Supply
Mainly used for the installation of water supply, heating and natural gas, our leading copper tubes guarantee high level durability, maximum pressure tolerance and healthy water.

Inner Grooved Tubings
Using advanced technology, HALCOR offer efficient and industry leading inner grooved copper tubes with a minimum wall thickness of 0.28mm.

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
HALCOR supplies the air conditioning and refrigeration industry with copper tubes of high quality that meet the strictest quality assurance system.

Sofia Med

SOFIAMED produces rolled products in Copper and Copper Alloys.

Copper Sheets
Manufactured according to specification DIN 1172, DOMA copper sheets are both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly. They are regarded as the most suitable material for architectural applications, including roof and outer surfaces cladding.

Copper Strips
As a durable and aesthetically pleasing solution, copper strips are ideal for construction of copper gutters, electrical engineering such as transformer strip and cable screening, Fin stock for durable heat exchanger applications.

Copper  Alloy / Brass Strips
Widely used in electrical engineering, automotive industry and decorative and household appliances

Extruded and Drawn Copper Bars
SOFIAMED,  produces premium quality extruded and drawn copper bars, which are used extensively for electrical conduction applications. Offered additionally in a tin plated finish.

Available in a variety of extruded and drawn shapes, our leading copper sections are ideally used for electrical engineering,  and components.

Rods (Square & Round)
Manufactured from electrolytic tough pitch copper, our premium square and round copper roads are ideal for electrical engineering, earth rods and general components.

Flat (Bus Bars)
Ideal for light and heavy electrical engineering,  and components, our leading flat bars are available in an extensive range of sizes with a comprehensive variety of shaped edges.

Rolled Copper Products

Our copper and brass rolled products are used in a wide range of industries and supplied according to established international ...

Plumbing Installations & Water Supply Tubes

Predominantly used within the plumbing industry, TALOS’ copper tubes manufactured by HALCOR for use in water supplies, heating and natural ...

Inner Grooved Copper Tubes

By using advanced technology, HALCOR are one of the few companies in Europe that have the ability to produce inner ...

Copper Bus Bars, Rods and Sections

Bus Bars Produced in a large range of sizes and with a comprehensive variety of shaped edges, SOFIA MED’s flat ...

Copper Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Tubes

With 50 years experience in the manufacturing of copper products, HALCOR supplies fine copper tubes for the air conditioning and ...